Posted on: January 30, 2009 7:30 am

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Cry Who will replace Mark Gottfried as Head Caoch ?  That is : Who Wants It ?

     Right now there is not much to play for. Alabama (as usual) is judt an average Basketball team with a search underway for a New Head Coach. Philip Pearson has been an Assistant Head Coach under Mark Gottfried for many years and seems to know this system very well.  Will he want to be the next Head Man ?               I doubt it ! 

He is ready to be a Head Coach somewhere - but not Alabama.

     The Basketball Faithful want an exciting Head Coach that can win more than twenty games without playing Division 2 and NAIA opposition in the beginning of the season.  Alabama found out that they were not worthy of a National Ranking at the Maui Tournament.  If they improve enough to win the SEC West it will shock us all. If they win the SEC Tournament people in this State will be very optimistic about this young teams future.  I dont's look for a successful Head Coach in a winning program to come to Alabama --- unless he is just burnt out or bored at his present job.

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